Amethyst Light


Light up the darker days with our Amethyst light.

Light up the Amethyst in your living room for some extra bonding and confidence and calmness for an open communication. In your office for easy decision-making, better intuition or stress-relief. Or in your bathroom to relieve anxiety during your soothing bath or put it on your nightstand before you go to sleep to help you with insomnia and other sleeping problems.

Please note, we can't garantee which one you'll receive. They all look very similair, but also slightly different. Same as everything in nature (like flowers). If you have a preference, please let us know in the last step of your order. Either way, we make sure you'll receive a beautiful piece!

All our Amethyst lights are A-quality from Brazil.


13-16 cm.


*Don't put Amethyst in direct (sun)light, the deep purple color will fade.*


Recommended giftbag: large.