Amethyst On Stand (S)

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Soothe the mind and body with our Amethyst on a stand.


Put the Amethyst in your living room for some extra bonding and confidence and calmness for an open communication. In your office for easy decision-making, better intuition or stress-relief. Or in your bathroom to relieve the stress of the day during your soothing bath or put it on your nightstand to help you with better sleeping.


Dimensions including stand: Height around 11 cm.


Please note, we can't garantee which one you'll receive. You can only choose if you'd like to receive a piece with small or large crystals. But same as everything in nature (like flowers), they're all slightly different! If you have a preference, please let us know in the last step of your order. Either way, we make sure you'll receive a beautiful piece.


A-quality from Urugay.


*Don't put Amethyst in direct (sun)light, the deep purple color will fade.*


Recommended giftbag: large.