Selenite Lamp


Complete your home with our Selenite Light!

Selenite is named after the Greek Goddess of the moon 'Selene'. When the light shines through Selenite, it will reflect the light in the most beautiful way.

Selenite is known for connecting to the third eye. It promotes purity and honesty and calms you and the atmosphere around you. This is why this light could be perfect on your bedstand.

Besides, many people use Selenite during their meditation to get in contact with their own soul, angels and other dimensions. Selenite brings balance in your emotions and gives back the peace in your mind.

Last but not least, right after child-birth Selenite could protect you against hormonal fluctuations and negative emotions. It's also the perfect nightlamp when you feed the baby in the middle of the night.


Around 25 cm heigh. The power cord is 140 cm long.

* Light bulb is included for free, but you don't get a warranty on this.

** EU plug.

The Selenite tower is easy to detach so you can change te light bulb as often as you like or use the tower without the light.


Recommended giftbag: extra large.