Agate Slice (L)

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These blue/grey Agate slices are perfect as a presse-papier, jewellery tray or for example a candle plate. They can handle heat and water easily!

Agate has the power to harmonize opposites yin and yang. We’re all different, but together we form a perfect team. We learn how to appreciate and respect each other’s yin and yang. This way, Agate is the perfect stone to put in the livingroom to bring back the harmony.

Furthermore, Agate will give you the sense of safety and security. It’s the protector against bad luck, makes each day a good day by giving you a happy feeling and cares for your health!



Around 25 x 12 cm.

*Please note: you will receive (almost) exactly the same one on the pictures. The agate slices we have in stock are almost the same as they belong together as one big Agate.


Recommended giftbag: extra large.