Moon Night Light - Orange


The exclusive Moon Night Lights are available now!


Made of beautiful Himalayan salt, colored by nature.

Salt crystals produce negative ions when they get heated up (by the lamp) improving the quality of the air you breathe. It definitely helps with asthma symptoms and headaches. Besides it will boost your energy level and creates a soothing and relaxing atmosphere.


Where could you use it?

* Baby and childrens bedrooms, they can be afraid of the dark sometimes, but the Moon light will comfort them during their sleep. Everytime they wake up in the night, they won't be alone in the dark.

* In your own bedroom! The soft peaceful light will create a beautiful ambiance.

* In the hallway. Maybe you have a small apartment and no place to put a sidetable with a lamp for some light in the evening. This Moon light is your solution! Just plug it in and enjoy the soft light of your Moon Night Light.

* For pregnant third trimester women: because it's small and light, it's super easy to bring this night light to the hospital. And create a peaceful atmosphere during labor.

Keep the lamp on for as long as possible so the lamp can be heated up properly. When the salt gets warm, it produces negative ions, sticking to the positive ions emitted by our electrical devices and other micro organisms in the air.



Around 12-13 cm heigh.


More information:

* Light bulb is included for free, but we can't give warranty on it.

* Our light comes with a E14 fitting and a 7 watt bulb and is replaceable.

* EU plug.

* Avoid placing our lamp in a humid place (like the bathroom) to avoid a melting lamp!


Recommended giftbag: large.