€34.95 €19.95


€34.95 €19.95

A statement piece, our refillable diffusers from Rock Crystal and Rose Quartz.

These Rock Crystal and Rose Quartz diffusers will stand out in your interior or office! You can fill and refill as much as you like, with every brand you like.

Besides their beautiful look, they will give the room the right energy. Rock Crystal for balance and concentration. Rose Quartz for love giving and receiving.

We have 2 variations: Rock Crystal (white version) and Rose Quartz (baby pink).

Both variations will be send with 2 colors of caps: gold messing and silver chrome. Also the explanation of the stone will be included and every piece has a protective seal on the bottom to protect the surface where you put it.


Height between 11-12 cm.

* Diffuser oil & sticks are not included.

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