Pocket Stone Lapis Lazuli.


Pocket Stone Lapis Lazuli

€9.95 €4.95

Pocket Stone Lapis Lazuli

€9.95 €4.95

Small pocket Lapis Lazuli, polished by hand, in small La Luna bag. You will receive a small explanation about the stone in the bag.

If you want to give or send this as a present, let us know in the last step of your order. We will print this and put it in the bag!

Found in



Around 25 - 40 mm.


Recommended giftbag: small.

Is a spiritual stone, it provides clear insights while immediately providing the wearer with clear communication. It has a deep connection with the throat chakra. Lapis Lazuli has a positive effect on migraine, sleep problems, dizziness, stress, the immune system, hearing and lowers the blood pressure. It has been used for centuries for complaints of the head, throat and lungs.


There is also a strong connection with the feminine energy. It therefore regulates the menstrual cycle and works great against pimples, eczema and skin wounds.


Lapis Lazuli has always been one of the most exclusive and powerful gemstones. Because Lapis Lazuli is often soaked with golden dots (Pyrite), it was a sacred stone for the ancient Egyptians because they saw the night sky with all the pretty stars in it. The death mask of Pharaohs had many Lapis Lazuli, but also jewelry and amulets, so the Egyptians were connected with heaven (universe, higher spirituality).

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