Pocket Stone Tiger Eye.


Pocket Stone Tiger Eye

€9.95 €4.95

Pocket Stone Tiger Eye

€9.95 €4.95

Small pocket Tiger Eye, polished by hand, in small La Luna bag. You will receive a small explanation about the stone in the bag.

If you want to give or send this as a present, let us know in the last step of your order. We will print this and put it in the bag!

Found in

South Africa.


Around 25 - 45 mm.


Recommended giftbag: small.

Tiger Eye is a protective stone who will protect you against negative influences from the outside. It gives you a better insight of yourself and others, by distancing, keeping an overview and collecting information.


If you’re having a hard time, Tiger Eye gives you the power, encouragement and trust you’ll need.

Furthermore, it gives peace, it helps against overstimulation of the nervous system and is your hero if you’re dealing with hyperventilation.


It has a positive influence on the throat, lungs, eyes and genitals. If you’re depressed, Tiger Eye can be very useful. Overall it relaxes when you’re coping with stress.

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