Selenite Massage Stick.


Selenite Massage Stick

€24.95 €8.95

Selenite Massage Stick

€24.95 €8.95

Massage your body and send all the Selenite energies directly to one place.

Selenite is known for connecting to the third eye. It promotes purity and honesty and calms you and the atmosphere around you. Besides, many people use Selenite during their meditation to get in contact with their own soul, angels and other dimensions. Selenite brings balance in your emotions and gives back the peace in your mind. Right after child-birth Selenite could protect you against hormonal fluctuations and negative emotions.


Massage your third eye and crown chakra to open up these points. Or release the tension in your neck with a massage in the neck. Or try to massage the feet and feel more grounded.



With a dry cloth. Don't use too much water, Selenite doesn't like this.


15,5 cm.


Recommended giftbag: medium.

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