Amethyst Unique Piece.

The perfect item to complete every interior, a perfect purple Amethyst. Note: this is a unique piece! What you see is what you get. Perfect, right!

Found in



16 x 15 x 8 cm (h,w,d).


3488 grams.

*Amethyst doesn't like to sunbathe, her deep purple color will fade.*


Recommended giftbag: extra large.

In need for some fantastic new ideas? Amethyst is your best friend. It will enhance your creativity, imagination and intuition. And above that, it will give you the strength to put your fresh ideas into action. It’s your talisman for your focus and success.


Besides, Amethyst helps in identifying why someone has negative behaviors, habits or emotional patterns. It could also help you to understand yourself and stimulates to make better decisions.


Amethyst calms and soothes the mind and body, like your warm bath before you go to sleep. It relieves obsessive-compulsive thoughts or temperaments, but also hyperactivity in children and animals. For kids, it will help to put the stone in their room to prevent nightmares and fear of the dark. But also for adults, it should help with insomnia and other sleeping problems.


Maybe you’ve just lost a loved one? Amethyst is known for greater understanding and will comfort you during grieving. It’s also the perfect stone to give to someone who is sadly suffering from terminal illness to give them extra strength during this period.


Put the Amethyst in your living room for some extra bonding and confidence and calmness for an open communication. In your office for easy decision-making, better intuition or stress-relief. Or even in your bathroom to relieve anxiety during your soothing bath.


What are you waiting for?


Zodiac sign: Pisces.

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