Celestine Medium


Celestine Medium


Do you feel like your home needs to be cleaned from the wrong (negative) energy? Let Celestine help you.

Found in



Around 9 x 7 x 4 cm.


You will receive this gemstone in a luxury cotton La Luna bag, to safely store your gemstone or bring your gemstone with you wherever you go.


Recommended giftbag: medium.

Do you feel like your home needs to be cleaned from the wrong (negative) energy? Celestine’s energy radiates in all directions, using its soft, positive energy to gently heal the aura of the room you put it in. Fill your home with happiness!


Celestine is your stone if you need calm in your chaotic mind or you want to soothe some fears you may have. Maybe you’re overwhelmed by coming projects in your life and you suffer from panic attacks? Celestine will bring you back to a calm centered state of mind. It will give you the trust you maybe need in yourself.


Besides, Celestine is known for stimulating good communication, so it’s a great one to have close when you’re having a conversation on the phone or with family and friends at the dining table.


It provides clear focus and stimulates creativity, perfect when you’re working from home.


Need some good luck? This is the perfect stone for you. They say it attracts good fortune!


Zodiac signs: Gemini and Cancer.

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