The perfect item to complete every interior, a medium size Prehnite.

Found in



Around 10 x 6 x 6 cm.


Around 180-210 grams.

(We will be sure you get either a large or a heavy version, handpicked by us).


Recommended giftbag: medium.

Prehnite strengthens your intuition and learns you to live from the heart. It gives peace and works very calming, so it’s perfect for those whom are suffering from a burnout. Besides, Prehnite has a strong connection with nature.

It protects the aura and helps you to get in contact with your(higher)self. Because of this, it’s the perfect stone to use during your meditation.

Maybe you’re dealing with a lot of nightmares? Prehnite could help you to accept and process certain subjects in your life, so you can sleep a lot better!

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