Pyrite M.

Pyrite Medium


Pyrite Medium


Need some action in your life? Let Pyrite give you the courage you may need.

Found in



Around 7 x 9,5 x 6,5 cm.


You will receive this gemstone in a luxury cotton La Luna bag, to safely store your gemstone or bring your gemstone with you wherever you go.


Recommended giftbag: medium.

Let the ideas flow! Pyrite is the stone of action, it brings confidence and stimulates to fulfill your dreams.

It will keep you safe from criticism and manipulation, without making you angry or upset.


Put Pyrite in your (home) office and energize the surrounding area. It will prevent you from getting tired due to overwork, by stimulating the blood flow to your brain and keeping the mind clear. Next to that, they say it will encourage your leadership qualities by enhancing your protective and assertive energies, perfect when you’re a manager or running your own business, yay!


Furthermore Pyrite is a mirror to the self, it will show you the causes behind your emotions (what lies behind the words and actions?) and then let you search for solutions. Maybe you’ll find the answers.


In the end, it will relieve anxiety and frustration, be happy with yourself, you’re perfect as you are.


These pieces are found in Peru.

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