Agate Slices.

Use our slices to stack your jewellery, display your polaroids or toiletries, lighten your candles or mix your nail colors before you make some art!


Meditation, hormones, peace and balance.

€ 39,95

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Bonding, stress relief, insomnia, confidence.

€ 59,95


Unique Pieces.

Unique Piece 01 XXL.

A blue grey XXL piece with a weight of 2,573 kg.

€ 289,95

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Unique Piece 02 XXL.

A brown XXL piece with a light heart and a weight of 3,218 kg.

€ 349,95

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Unique Piece 03 XXL.

A dark brown XXL piece with a weight of 3,450 kg.

€ 389,95

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