Rock Crystal - On A Stand. (S)

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Rock Crystal On Stand (S)

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Rock Crystal On Stand (S)


This Rock Crystal on a stand is the perfect healer.


It can reduce fever, stimulates your immune system and brings the peace back in your body.

Rock Crystal regulates and absorbs energy, but also safes and gives energy. For example, the radiation from your phone or computer or maybe the negative energy from the surrounding people in the room.  This makes this stand perfect in the livingroom or the (home) office.

And also because Rock Crystal is good for the concentration, keeps the mind and emotions clear and helps you to stay neutral in any situation and supports you with fixing the problems in your (work) life. 

Last but not least, Rock Crystal strengthens the effect of every other stone in the room.


Dimensions including stand: Height around 11 cm.


Please note, we can't garantee which one you'll receive. You can only choose if you'd like to receive a piece with small or large crystals. But same as everything in nature (like flowers), they're all slightly different! If you have a preference, please let us know in the last step of your order. Either way, we make sure you'll receive a beautiful piece.


A-quality from Brazil.


Recommended giftbag: large.

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