Rock Crystal.

Satin Cord Necklace.

Our handmade necklaces selection, designed and made by La Luna with a lot of love!


Satin cord with Rock Crystal.

Found in:


Dimensions and weight of the stone:

+/- 3 cm / 7,5 grams.

Dimensions of the satin cord:

The satin cord is adjustable to a maximum of +/- 70 centimeters round. You can either wear it as a cute little choker, or wear it as a longer necklace so you can keep the crystal close to your heart all day long!


Our Rock Crystal hanger has a champagne satin cord.

Every piece of jewellery will be send in a La Luna pouch and comes with a description of the stone.


Recommended giftbag: small.

Rock Crystal.

Helps with... more balance in your life -  regulates and absorbs energy - gives energy - protects your aura  -concentration - emotions - problem fixer - immune system - strengthens the effect of every other stone you're wearing.

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